A wallpaper of painted strawberries in a pattern

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A Food Obsession Turns into Art to Share

Let’s bond over our love for food! There are so many ways in which I appreciate food. Eating it, making it, watching other people making it, learning about it. I just can’t escape it, even when I want to make a little art. I started making these cute little designs when I couldnt find a wallpaper I to use on my phone, and I figured, why not share them with you?

What to Expect in this monthly newsletter.

A hand-drawn graphic or photograph designed for your phone. I design and photograph all the beautiful backgrounds you’ll be receiving. It’s a pass time of mine that I’d love to share with you.

Recipe, tips, or ideas. I also want this to be a good opportunity to share some info. Whether it’s a recipe, ideas of what to make with the featured fruit or veggie, or a friendly tip or money-saving​ hack you may not know about.

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